Do you want the best people in your business? At Gramac Solutions, we take recruitment seriously – and are 100% committed to finding the very best person for the job.

Our team provides recruitment services to employers in all industries – everything from building, trades, timber, agriculture, horticulture and construction through to hospitality, retail, government, sales and marketing and professional services.

We can fill all types of job positions – from unskilled labour through to senior management roles. No matter what role we fill, though, we always give each project and client the same high level of service.

As part of our recruitment service, we can:

  • Search our 4000+ database of job seekers
  • Research the best places to advertise the position
  • Write and place display ads
  • Interview candidates
  • Advise unsuccessful applicants

In short, we take care of everything to ensure that you get the right employee.

If you want the best people in your business, get in touch today.